6 Tips to help you succeed in Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing has been one of the few sectors that have surprisingly weathered the pandemic despite the disruptions in the market. Its adoption and use is also likely to be a key determinant of success for many companies and businesses for the foreseeable future.

The reasons for the stability of digital marketing begin with the public’s dependency on social media. Effective marketers meet their customers where they are, and since most people today spend a lot of their time on social media, digital marketing has become the way to go for many businesses.

The other reason is because of the vast investments that many companies have done into digital marketing. No manager is going to let all that investment go to waste despite how the market changes in the future. For that reason, digital marketing is likely going to be with us for a long time.

The third and probably the most memorable reason is that digital marketing has proved its resilience. During the pandemic, most of the other modes of marketing that are dependent on live events and conferences came to halt, leaving digital marketing as the last man standing.

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Considering these reasons, revving up your digital marketing business will definitely help you make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Below are six tips that all the experts I have researched use, to enhance their digital marketing.

Stick to your Niche

Although it may seem like you will lose out on many jobs by choosing a niche, the benefits will soon out-way the costs. Focusing on one niche will first help you to become an expert in that field. It will also help your audience to identify you as a great source of reliable services and information. Trying to stand out for video marketing, social media marketing, blogs, and other forms of marketing takes a long time and you should set that as a long-term goal.

Instead, try first to get identified for one form of marketing and prove yourself to be an expert in that one field. A customer looking for a social media marketer will most likely hire an expert social media manager rather than a marketer who claims to be an expert in all forms of marketing. First, work on solidifying your position as an expert in one niche and when that is established, you can work on slowly venturing into other niches.

Have a well-optimized website

If you get this one right, you will beat better marketers with more experience than you. The reason for this is simple: your clients will only hire marketers who can show that they can deliver. As a marketer, having a well-optimized website for mobile and desktop setups, showing your talents will do this for you. Your website will be your frontline marketer before you can even discuss the project in question with your customer.

Your website will provide your customers with most of the information and samples of your work for them to decide if you are a good fit for their project. While I was getting started, I simply had a one-page free website, and this was enough. Today you can get the same free website with numerous more features that will help you rank better. One place to get a free website that can be optimized is Groovefunnels. Combining this type of website with a budget-friendly domain name from companies like Namecheap will be all that most beginners require. For those willing to get started with a full-fledged website, getting started with a trusted company like Bluehost would be my go-to solution.

Improve your Social Media Presence

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In today’s world, social media is vital to most businesses’ success and your is no different. However, do not stretch yourself thin trying to have your business covered on all social media platforms. Instead, conduct some research on your potential customers to identify what social media platforms they frequent.

Next, polish up your business’s social media presence on those particular platforms. A few ways to give your business the best chance would be to start by using a professional profile cover picture. You should also ensure to have a detailed about page on your social media platforms of choice. This will allow you to use that social media platform as your portfolio.

Another pro tip is to leverage YouTube. While I know that not everyone wants to be in front of a camera, there are ways to benefit from YouTube without ever having to. One way to use YouTube without being on camera is by recording your screen instead of your face. These types of videos work best for things like tutorials or making review videos.

For this, you will need a screen recording software with your voice or you could also use a voiceover. There are many quality free software to record your screen and budget-friendly tools like Voice Suite you can use for quality voiceovers.

You can also create doodle videos or animation videos for your YouTube content. These kinds of videos are increasing in popularity due to their ease of creation and social media applications. While there are expensive ways to create such videos with monthly costs there are also a few tools that can help you create countless such videos for a one-time cost. My two best choices of such tools are Doodle maker and Explaindio. The benefit of YouTube is that it attracts customers who specifically want the services your business offers.

This means more conversions and better leads for your business. The demand for video content is also on the rise meaning that platforms like YouTube will only increase in popularity. This means that this is prime time for you to give YouTube a try for your business.

Keeping up with your business's social media on the different platforms by posting and handling everything else on your plate is however not easy. Many big companies outsource such tasks, but this is not possible for small businesses. My solution for this has been SendSnap. This simple tool helps me post, communicate, and monitor my Facebook, Instagram, email, and text from one place. Optimizing your business’s use of social media is a good long-term investment that will serve you well.

Incorporate storytelling into your content

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People like to buy and interact with businesses that they can relate to. This is the reason that people still buy from companies like Apple and Microsoft despite there being many other options. Such companies have invested in their customers to build that bond that makes the customers identify and approve of their products and services.

Although you don’t have the years to achieve this kind of loyalty with your customers, you can also build a bond with your content. Storytelling is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. It allows you to create scenarios and characters into your content that your customers can relate to. Once you can maintain this, your target audience will start identifying with your content, and convincing them to take some action like buying something or subscribing will become much easier.

Outsource some tasks to get the best results

While storytelling is crucial to improving the engagement your content gets, it might take you some time to learn to use it effectively. This is where outsourcing your content creation process comes in. By relying on platforms like Fiverr you can benefit from experts to get the content you need.

Hiring such experts applies to almost every aspect of your business, you can hire experts to create your website, optimize your content for SEO and backlinks, optimize for mobile use, or anything else you may need. Making use of these services will improve your business’s performance if you use them wisely.

Be adaptable/flexible

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Customer preferences and working strategies change regularly. For you to remain competitive you have to be flexible and ready for whichever change comes next. Your business also has to be ready for the changes that will happen with time. One way to achieve this is by identifying what your business requires to be successful and what it can manage without.

For those things that it requires, ensure to have different ways of getting them and also stocking up where possible. This is a good way to plan ahead and cover your bases in case of anything. For a digital marketing business, this can be done by ensuring that you can DIY most of the tasks that you outsource. This means that you can create and edit your videos and other forms of content. To help you achieve this, I would recommend two budget-friendly tools that make the whole video creation and editing process a lot easier and faster. These two tools are: Video Creator and Video Editor

Marketing today is determined by many moving parts. You need to have social media working for your business. You also need to have ways to create quality content quickly at a manageable cost to keep up with all the opportunities you get. And also, you need to be flexible to adapt to any changes in the market.

Disclaimer: I may get a small compensation at no extra cost to you if you purchase anything through the links in this article.




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Curious marketer

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